I specialize in working with authors of nonfiction books written for a popular audience. I can assist you with anything from crafting a proposal to polishing individual chapters, articles, or other short pieces to editing a complete manuscript. I’m particularly interested in science, the environment, history, narrative, current events, politics, journalism, and memoir, but the joy of working in publishing is that every book is like a college course in a new subject. I’d love to hear why you’re passionate about your topic.

I am happy to provide any level of editorial service that you and your project need. The descriptions below are suggestions, and we can tailor a plan to fit your book and budget.

Editorial Services for Aspiring Authors

Do you have a great book idea or a solid first draft, and you’d like advice on how to shape your material to land an agent or publisher? I can’t guarantee you’ll get a book contract, but I can help you get your proposal or manuscript into the best shape possible. Nonfiction writers in particular can benefit from early editorial advice; it’s best to lay a solid foundation for the architecture of your book, so you don’t find you’ve invested a lot of time and effort into a project that’s not developing as well as you’d hoped. I can:

  • Help you jump-start your book through phone or email consultations that give you encouragement and guidance to get started, stay focused, and get your ideas on paper.
  • Discuss the structure and emphasis of your book, starting with a detailed outline, before you start writing.
  • Read your material and offer advice on how to improve it before you submit it to agents or publishers, from a simple editorial letter to a complete edit.
  • Help you to prepare a pitch letter, proposal, and sample chapter that will catch the attention of agents and editors.
  • Advise you on the ins and outs of the publishing world.


Editorial Feedback

If you’re ready for constructive feedback from an objective reader, I can read your material and write a detailed editorial letter describing how you might improve your project. This option does not include any line edits to your manuscript.

Basic Edit

This level of editing addresses the mechanics of writing rather than the style. It can be an ideal way to polish a manuscript following a major revision or before submission for publication. A basic edit can include the following services:

  • Correct spelling, grammar, capitalization, and word choice.
  • Ensure the consistency of spelling, headings, citations, and other internal elements.
  • Advise you of potential permissions issues.


Deep Edit

An in-depth, or developmental, edit can improve the clarity of your argument and the readability of your manuscript. A deep edit can include the following services:

  • Analyze the logic and flow of your argument, with suggestions for reorganization or restructuring as needed.
  • Identify points that need to be expanded or condensed and suggest solutions.
  • Ensure clarity of language and intent, smooth transitions, and logical order of sentences and paragraphs.
  • Bring out the best in your work while preserving your personal style.


Book Doctoring

Say you’re an academic who needs help translating your work for a general audience, or you’ve been told by agents or editors that your manuscript has promise but it isn’t quite publishable. Your book is suffering, and you’ve done all you can for it. You need more than an edit job but less than a ghostwriter. Book doctoring can include all of the services of a deep edit, but in addition I can substantially rewrite and revise to breathe new life into your manuscript. This job will be done with the greatest respect for the work you’ve already done and your status as the author.

Project Management

I can work with you and your publisher or packager to help develop a book from first draft through all the stages of editing and manuscript preparation, including art and permissions, to deliver a package that is ready for production.


I will establish a flat fee with you up front, based on an estimate of the time the work will take, so you will never be surprised by a bill at the end of a job. If the work moves substantially faster or slower than expected, you and I will mutually agree on a revised fee.